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1 Hour Work Out Session 


40 Mins Work Out + Development Session 






October 10th - Monday Morning Dirty Knife Boxing - 

Los Angeles - 6AM 

New York - 9AM 

Brisbane - 11PM

Auckland 2AM

London Time - 2PM








October 13th Night Time (North America) / 

Day Time Down Under


Los Angeles - 7PM 

New York - 10 PM 

Brisbane - 12PM (Friday 15th) 

Auckland - 3PM 

London - 3AM




This Event will Go On Sale This Weekend for $97


But Members of the Dirty Knife Boxer's Ultimate Training Package 




Don't Miss Out ! 

Interested in Becoming an Instructor ? Get Certified & Start Your Own Branch!



Baltimore Course Participant 

"I did this course to ease my curiosity. I was shown some footage and I liked what I seen. As a trainer and one who has always cared about true self protection I needed to see if this was legitimate. I got more than what I bargained for. World class instruction, reality, simplicity and effective applications for dealing with violence before, during and after an event may occur. Everything I have done in the past has been about improving myself and the illusion of reality self protection (martial arts). To be honest I found reality, an awakening and a supportive brotherhood at this course. If you are looking for the truth and high level skills broken down to implement at an accelerated rate. If you truly care about real survival and pro active protection RCI is the place to go. Thank you Luke for all the training and continued support.”




London Course Participant


"I've had a bit of experience in a few martial arts including judo, wing chun, preying mantis king fu and was a Krav Maga instructor for a couple of years. They all had their good points in their own way but felt that they weren't for me. So while searching for the ONE I came across Raw Combat International!! I decided to attend a seminar that a mutual friend put together in The O2 in london to give it a try. I FUCKIN LOVED it!! The first thing that set this particular style apart from the REST for Me was one thing Luke said about the differences between "self defence" (other styles) and self protection (RCI style) He said why would you want to wait for someone to attack you first (self defence) before you attempt a do "A MOVE" when you can learn to protect yourself before An attacker attacks!! He then went on about Risk management, Threat management and Crisis management. The seminar had me hooked. Since then I've become a brother in the RCI circle attending regular training courses, training updates, traveling the world and meeting the rest of the brothers and simply shooting shit up!! I also have a branch opening up early this year in the north london area (UK) teaching RAW self protection, RAW Silat, and RAW CQC. I would recommend RcI to anyone who wants to learn something WORTH knowing that can be applied to every day life skills wether it be in your work environment or social social circles or simply any one who wants to boost their confidence and be a badass zombie killer!! KEEP IT RAW”

Baltimore Course Participant

"I grew up doing traditional martial arts and playing other sports, like a lot of kids. As I got older, I moved into combat sport: kickboxing, submission grappling and MMA. When I became a bouncer I had to confront the fundamental differences between sport and reality, in both the physical and mental arenas. RCI’s no bullshit approach has been instrumental to illuminating these differences (e.g. sport footwork is dangerous outside of the ring) and has introduced me to a wide array of tools and techniques. What’s more, the team are knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated to continuing their combat education. "



Dublin Course Participant


"Raw Combat taught me that it shouldn't take you long to become proficient at defending your self, not to be so re-active but more pro-active in a confrontation, and that's where it differs from a lot of other systems that I have trained. Too many instructors out here teaching self defence, and telling you what you should do in this and in that situation when they have never been in those situations and never pressure tested what they are selling you. Some of them have never even been in a real fight! I know Luke has so I know he's real life experiences and he's knowledge and training have all blended together to develop this system. The way he teaches the principals and the structure that he has devised make sense to me and I recommend Raw Combat because unlike other styles that just take your money and teach you nothing that will help you in the real world, Raw Combat is no smoke and mirrors. It's Direct, Realistic and Effective.”



Sydney Course Participant


"I have partaken in a few one day seminars and have also participated in a number of the three days of intensive training with Luke Holloway on self-protection and Raw Silat.

I wanted to add another level to my training which I didn’t have, which was a simple, realistic approach to knife/impact weapons defence and self-protection. 

I have found the training courses to be extremely well put together utilising “templates” and “concepts” rather than being spoon fed every combination available.  I highly recommend these courses to anybody, with a fighting/martial arts background, but more importantly to anyone without the years of training under their belt for a no nonsense approach to protecting yourself and loved ones in today’s ever increasingly violent society.” 


Baltimore Course Participant 

"I recommend this course to anyone looking to better their lives and those around them. Luke Holloway is amongst the best when it comes to personal protection. I took this course to help improve my school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Luke makes you feel welcomed and wanted. His style and the way he teaches makes it easy to learn. Not only that but the material covered is much different then that your going to find and face in a class/Dojo. I highly recommend taking this course. “

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