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Raw Combat International is a world wide organization of groups who specialize in offering and developing education and training to professionals and civilians alike.


R.C.I. was  first made famous on Youtube (with now over 120 Million views and counting) with the founder, Luke Holloway and then even moreso with his hit T.V. Show 'KEEP IT RAW" (Loaded TV - UK , 2012- 2013). 


Mr. Holloway became renowned for his no-nonsense approach to combative & tactical training, personal security and survival. In 2009 he began to tour the world giving courses and seminars ranging various topics  such as Personal Security, Survival, C.Q.C. (Close Quarter Combatives) and Raw Silat. He regularly works with Military, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals providing training in both Armed & Un-Armed Combatives throughout North & South America, Europe, Asia and Austalia. 


This has become especially popular in Brazil as branches of the Civil and Military Police adopted R.C.I. 's Combatives  as their fundamental Defensive Tactics Program. 


 As Mr. Holloway as been  based in Japan for a number of years, he also regularly works with local Law Enforcement, Military Special Forces and Security Groups provided training to professionals to assist in Crisis Management & Officer Safety among other things. 


In a nutshell, Raw Combat International devides  

' Martial' and 'Modern' training. Our combatives courses 

of Self Protection, C.Q.C. & Urban Survival are customized to suit end user needs. For professionals, we understand that most action is governed by S.O.P.s making sure that the program is relevant to their occupational situation. 


In terms of Martial Arts, R.C.I. focuses on 'Raw Silat' and 'Raw Tai Chi' which also look to provide concept based training to participants to ensure immediate funtional skills. 


To see more of each aspect of what we do, see specific pages as listed in the above menu and or feel free to contact us via our 'CONTACT' page. 


'KEEP IT RAW' !!! 


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Luke Holloway, the Founder of Raw Combat International is an Aussie who has spent many years traveling  throughout Asia researching and developing his skills in South East Asian Combative Arts. 


He eventually moved to Japan and was posting Vlogs about life in Japan as a 'Gaijin' Bodyguard.


It wasn't long until those surrounding Luke began to ask for some training and eventually 'Raw Combat Japan' was born.. Luke's videos were becoming a hit on YouTube, having viewers come from all over the EU, UK, North America & Australia to train with Luke. He eventually began to tour in 2009 as he was asked to teach seminars across the UK, Europe, the U.S., Brazil and today we have training groups and students in over 40 countries.


Today, inlcuding his personal channel Luke's videos have had over 120million views. See 'Luke Holloway TV' here for his videos on Life in Japan, Success & Motivation. 


In September 2012, 'KEEP it RAW!'   was commissioned and began broadcasting in the U.K. & E.U. on the Sky Network, a Total of 5 Series were written, produced & directed by Luke Holloway himself.


Luke is still currently traveling, training and researching the arts and on occasion, gives security consultations. 


A list of Luke Holloway's industry relevant credentials & qualifications can be found at his personal site: 



Security Operations II & III

IInvestigative Services III

Occupational Health & Safety IV

Government Security IV

Security & Risk Management Diploma


CERT 4 TAE (Formerly TAA)

National Coaching Accreditation

Advanced First Aid & CPR


NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA Rifle Instructor

NRA Shotgun Instructor

NRA Range Safety Officer


RCB Police Baton

DTTC Handcuffing Instructor

DTTC Tactical Firearms Instructor

Concealed Carry Weapon Instructor


Specialist Training also completed:

Tactical Driving Instructor Escape & Evasion Tactical Survival

Precision Rifle/Marksmanship

M4/AR15 Tactical Rifle Armourer 

Glock Armourer 

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