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Something Often FORGOTTEN in ‘Self Defense’ Classes in the use of your Voice !


WHY is Your Voice such an Impacting Factor ? 


It’s Simple, Communication is Information and Information is The Strongest Weapon ! 


In a Professional sense, 


Before Myself and or My Team Enters an Area…

be it a Venue, Residence or Place like a Park or Theatre 


We Need Information to Assess the Situation 


.. What is the Level of Risk / Potential Hazards etc


While We are Moving we are Constantly Communicating 


Maintaining that Flow of Information.. 


Out of Habit, I STILL I do this even now in a Casual / Social setting.. 


I still say things like 


‘Hey, Im just gonna to hit the rest room real quick, i’ll be back in a minuet !’ 


And I Sometimes get this look of 


 “Ok.. What are you F#CKING 12!?”  BWAHAHAHAHA~


I Get it! 


For the Average Joe that has Never Worked in that Capacity 


.. Or Never had to Deal with some Serious Shit.. 


They simply don’t see WHY that’s Important ! 


For me, If and WHEN Shit Kicks Off .. 


I Want to Know Where My Mates are and They Need to Know Where I am ! 


THAT WAY, We are Assets to Each Other !




I Want to Know that My Mates are SAFE 


They Will Want to Know that I am Safe 


I Want to Know that They Have My Back and Vice Versa !


In a nutshell, Communication is the Backbone of TEAM WORK !


The way I Look at it is - 


If I am Out with Someone, Anyone !


I am Responsible for them !


… and They Might Even Have to be Responsible for Me.. 



This is Why I Even Had My Daughter do Courses in First Aid, CPR & Firearms Safety !


So, the BIG Question is Always 


If Some Shit Kicked Off Right NOW 


Is Who I’m Out with an Asset or a Liability !?


Am I going to have to Protect Myself AND Them .. 


.. Or are They Reliable Enough to Have Their Shit Together 


Avoid & Prevent Trouble of Their Own and Back Me Up if I come across any Drama ! 


As Personal Security is PROACTIVE 




To Understand How Things Are Playing Out


 So That We Can Manage & Mitigate 


Let’s Say for WHATEVER Reason.. I’ve Found Myself in Trouble ..


Obviously,  Im past the point of Negotiating / De-escalating etc


*This has happened with people Under the Influence who believe it or not are LOOKING For Trouble … 

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 2.42.22 am.png


I make sure I’m as Vocal as Possible .. 


From Experience I know that 

When Getting Physical with Someone it’s Crucial that You Give Commands ! 


Ie- “GET BACK!”   “Drop the Weapon” etc 


3 Essential Concepts Here to Set you up for Success


You’re Letting Others in the Vicinity (Witnesses) Know That 


  1. You’re Just Trying Protect Yourself 


     2. You’re Not the Bad Guy 


      3. People Should Move AWAY (Especially if there’s a Weapon) 


Learn to COMMUNICATE in Critical Situations 


Don’t be Caught Struggling to Survive ! 


THRIVE Outside Your Comfort Zone !


Improve the Survivability of Your Team / Family / Inner Circle !


Go to the Personal Security & Risk Management Modules HERE

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