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Self-Protection is the basic foundation for R.C.I.s Combatives Program. It comprises of all the basic offensive and defensive skills found within the system. Self-Protection aims not only to give you a solid foundation for fighting ability, but to also expand your levels of awareness beyond their normal range and detect risks before they develop into threats.


CQC Is the next step up from the basic self protection concepts.  Close Quarter Combatives involves the use
of open handed strikes, hammerfists, elbows and forearms,a variety of head control methods and Low-line Kicks. This covers striking, grappling and groundfighting skills. CQC is the preferred combative method for many Security, LEO and Military professionals worldwide as it is Extremely Efficient. 


As the name suggests, Armed Threat Management is designed to teach practical and not just effective but efficient methods of defensive tactics against impact and edged weapons. Training involves the use of body mechanics, effective striking and reallistic pressure testing in all scenarios. 


RAW Silat training involves functional methods of South East Asian combatives covering all elements including Empty Hand, Impact Weapon, Edged Weapon, Improvised & Flexible Weapons and of course Full Contact Sparing and Live Blade Training. RAW Silat is a method of 'self-perfection', a martial art which is to be distinguished from combatives.


Women's Self-Protection offers simple, effective and realistic training specifically developed for females which also involves a lot of training in Personal Security Awareness. 


RAW Tai Chi distills the essential combative elements of the 'Grand Ultimate Fist' into a training system comprising forms and applications, breathing exercises, push hands and meditation.


Raw Combat International's Tactical Training
Division. Specialist Training in Crisis Management, Operative Safety, Operational Security, Tactical Firearms and Survival skills (both Urban & Wildernes. 

See 'RCI Tactical' in the links page for specific info! 


Risk Management for privacy protection, operational security and urban combat skills. Urban survival focuses on developing counter measures against security risks and eliminating the threats through functional and efficient preparedness.


Ways of Training RCI

1. Live at a Branch (See Branches Page)

2. At a Seminar or Course - See Events Page

3. Online Learning - Get a Free Week Trial Here 

4. DVDs - See Online Shop Here!

Smack Down!!
Adam Martin - Raw Combat Melbourne
CQC Head Control / Reverse Clinch
Adam Martin - Knife Disarm
Raw Combat Montreal with Joakim F.
Raw Combat Ireland - Raw Silat
T'hawks & Batts @ RCI HQ
TDI - Josef P with English Trainers
RCJ - Nagoya Branch
Women's Self Protection
Adam Martin - Women's Seminar Melbs
'Fight like a chick!?'
Trainer Graduates in Brisbane
L.H. @ Raw Combat Sydney
Adam Martin @ Raw Combat Toowoomba
Simulation Training
Raw Tai Chi, Nikko - Japan
Raw Combat Brisbane
Glamour Model - S. Chan with L.H.
RCI in Taipei, Taiwan
Raw Taichi @ Saitama City, Japan
Survival Training
Raw Combat Japan visits Malaysia '13
Adam Martin Seminar - Melbs
Raw Tai Chi
Warm Ups with Adam Martin
RCI Tactical Shotgun - T.F.C.
"COP THAT' - Glamor Model V. Narni
L.H. Anti-Grappling
M4 - Pistol Transitions - L.H.
CQC in Mexico City
Raw Combat Mexico
Raw Combat Essex
L.H. Seminar in Dublin
Raw Silat's Karambit
LH & Brazilian Army
Luke Holloway - Police Lecture
Double Shotgun
Raw Combat Belgium- Sec Training
RCI Tactical Pistol - T.F.C.
LH - Brazilian TV with Spec Ops
LH Police Lecture
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