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🔥Raw Silat’s Dirty Boxing Clinic🔥

 (Phase 1 - Hand to Hand Essentials) 


👊🏻Body Mechanics Awareness Training;

Efficiency of Motion = Effortless Speed & Power ! 


👊🏻The Art of Shadow Boxing; How to Build Progressive Combos 


👊🏻How to Make a Habit of Solo Training Regularly to Maintain Your Edge ! 


👊🏻Combative Tools; Offensive, Defensive & Counter (Skills Development) 


👊🏻Awareness Development of the Following Elements (as Taught in Raw Silat) : Balance / Posture / Positioning / Lines of Attack / Distance / Timing / Entry & Finish Options / Variations and Positive Habits 🔥


🥊Glove Work; Like ‘Pad Work’ But Much More Interactive and Progressive. 

Both Participants Alternate Roles and Progressively Work Through Sparring Combos!


😎Progressive Sparring 😎

Making Sure You Walk Away From this  Being Able to ‘Throw Hands, Take Shots and Give it Back ! 😈


As Most of Us Understand, in Reality .. It’s Not What Happens to You, it’s How You Deal with it ! 💯


Progressive Sparring is a Step by Step Follow Along Methodology to Functional Skills 👊🏻


‘Street Adaptations’ : Applied Skills in Reality! 😈


Reality Check : Simple and Practical Methods of Escape as the Fact Remains, Removing Yourself from High Risk Situations is Always the Priority! 💯



 For the Sake of All Involved I will State this Now,  We Start Off with ‘Touch Sparring’ and it Means Exactly that! 🤗


The Same Motions or ‘Techniques’ are Applied in a Softer Sense and from There the Intensity Builds Gradually, in a Controlled, Practical and Safe Sense😎


If You’re Looking to be the Next UFC Star, This isn’t For You. 💯


A Number of Our Participants will be Beginner or ‘Entry Level’ and They Have Just as Much Right to be There, in Fact I Will Focus on Their Development Once Any Participants Who Can’t or Refuse to Control Themselves are Quickly Sent Packing. 🤗


I Don’t Care Who You Are, What You Identify As, You Preferences or Politics! 💯


It’s Not about What Divides Us ❗️

It’s About What Brings Us Together 👊🏻


We are Here to Skill Build. 😈


Beginner Through to Jedi Level, All are Welcome but Time Wasters Aren’t! 💩




1️⃣ Understanding How to Create, Develop & Maintain Daily Practice of the Art of Shadow Boxing with Progressive Combos ! 🤯


2️⃣ Understanding How to Train Progressively Step by Step from Basics to Intermediate ‘Flows’ ! 🤩


3️⃣ Understanding Progressive Partner Drills &  Best / Safe Practices for Skill Development! 😎


4️⃣ Understanding How to Self Correct, Monitor Progression & Optimise Attributes & Skillsets with the Ebook Training Manual ! 🤓


5️⃣ Understand Your New or ‘RE-Polished’ Toolset (Techniques) and How They are Maintained & Applied in Reality with a Non Compliant ‘Opponent’ / Adversary / Threat 😈


6️⃣ Understanding the Effects on the Body, Use of Force, Moral & Legal Considerations 😳




🤔An Open Mind 

📘A Note Book 

🥊Boxing or MMA Gloves 

🦷Mouth Piece 

😬Groin Guard Highly Recommended 






🔥PHASE 1  (Hand to Hand Essentials) 🔥


✨Tuesday May 24th, 2022


✨7pm - 10pm (3hr Session) 


🔥PRE - SALE $80  (Social Media Follower Offer) 




✅ Participants will Receive E-Book Training Manual 


✅ Certificate of Participation 


✅ 1 Month FREE Access to Course in the New ‘Get Street Smart App’ 


✅ Follow Up Training & Support Options Available 👍🏻


✅ Participants will also Receive Discount Pass to Up Coming ‘Raw Silat Martial Skill Builder Weekend’ Event (June 4th & 5th Sunshine Coast) 🔥


⚠️Only 20 Spots Available

Event Going Live (Public) within the week 💯


Register here👇🏻


Location and other relevant info will be sent to participants via email 👍🏻


See You There 🙏🏻



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