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Seminar : New Jersey, 1st & 2nd December 2018


Luke Holloway, founder of Raw Combat International, comes to New Jersey for an exclusive two-day hands-on Raw Combat training seminar.


Attend both days (at a discounted rate), or choose either day for your preferred training.


The Raw Combat New Jersey Seminar is designed for a small group so that everyone learns self protection, Close Quarter Combatives and Raw Silat techniques from the world’s most sought after combatives instructor in a focused environment.


Spaces are limited to just 50 attendees on each day and are expected to sell out. To avoid missing out, book now.


The Raw Combat New Jersey Seminar will be held at Evolutionary Martial Arts, 111 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 – just around an hour’s drive from NYC.


​Each day of the seminar runs from 4pm – 7pm.


Book your tickets now for either day or for the entire two day event:

SAT DEC 1st 2018

SUN DEC 2nd 2018

DEC 1st & 2nd 2018

Who is Luke Holloway?

Luke Holloway is the founder of Raw Combat International and the creator of the T.V. Series "Keep it Raw". He grew up in a Martial Arts, hunting and survival lifestyle from a young age in Australia, developing skills in as many 'styles' as he possibly could.


Working as a bouncer and in Close Protection he came to deal with serious violence as a professional on a very regular basis.


Learning in real world situations how to deal with aggressors, immediate violence and high risk situations, Luke developed his unique training methods by pressure testing all 'techniques' and drills to see what proved effective in REAL situations.


As well as being a highly respected figure in the Martial Arts world, Luke has been a pioneer in developing standards of training for professionals ensuring that everything taught and trained is relevant to the end users needs.

What will I learn at the Luke Holloway Seminar?

Luke is an expert instructor and by using various teaching and practice methods you will learn his simple and effective skills in self protection and invisible blade training – depending on which day you attend.


Luke will lead the training with talks and demonstrations and will set up group drills and work with all attendees to improve and develop your technique.

Day 1 (1st December) : Self Protection/ Close Quarter Combatives & Urban Survival

The first day of the seminar will focus on Self-Protection and Close Quarter Combatives techniques with a focus on Urban survival. Luke is a world leader in advocating self-protection rather than reactionary self-defence and the seminar will include:


  • Situational Awareness 

  • Communication Skills

  • Protecting Personal Space 

  • How to calm someone down 

  • The use of Body language & Mannerisms

  • Risk Management & Personal Security Skills 

  • Efficient Combative Tools (Offensive Skills)

  • Striking in Compromised Positions 

  • How to Stop Larger Attackers 

  • Anti-Grappling Skills

  • Anti-MMA Training (Sports vs Reality) 

  • Fight Stoppers & Game Changers 

To see more of what a Luke Holloway seminar is like and to hear from previous attendees, watch the video below:

Day 2 (2nd December) : The Invisible Blade Seminar

The second day of the seminar will focus on the combatives fundamentals working with knives – in which Luke is one of the world’s leading authorities.


Most martial arts don’t train difficult positions but in this seminar you will learn to deal with the most scary and dangerous positions in a simple way, giving you the necessary awareness and confidence to survive a real attack. 


For this seminar, no experience is required. Come and learn together, even if you’ve never done any blade training before.


In Day 2 you’ll learn:

  • To deal with:

    • Muggings on the street 

    • Knife Attacks in confined places (toilets/elevators) 

    • Knife Attacks on the ground 

    • Helping someone who is being attacked by a Knife


  • EDC Knife for Self Protection Fundamentals 

  • The Carry Lifestyle & Mindset 

  • Grip Options & Variations 

  • Concealment & Deployment 

  • Edged Weapon Threat Management 


  • Knife Defense Fundamentals 

  • Knife vs Knife Fundamentals

  • Martial Myths vs Reality

  • Blade Arts Vs Tactical Training

  • Protective Measures

  • How to avoid being cut

  • Creating a reactionary gap


  • Accessing Your Weapon

  • Weapon Retention

  • Winning At ALL COSTS!

  • Using your environment as your weapon


  • All Range Fighting

  • Fighting in Comprised Positions & Situations; stairs, toilets, cars etc

  • ANTI-Grappling

  • Simulation training 


  • Legalities & Dealing with the Authorities 


  • Sparring for those who want to participate (not mandatory)


In the videos below you can see some of Luke’s Invisible Blade training:

Raw Combat International Luke Holloway New Jersey Seminar : Tickets and Details

Raw Combat International Luke Holloway New Jersey Seminar : Tickets and Details


The Raw Combat New Jersey Seminar will be held in Evolutionary Martial Arts, 111 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 – just around an hour’s drive from NYC.


Each day of the seminar runs from 4pm – 7pm.

Day One : Ticket Price - $60 paid in advance (to purchase click button below):

Day Two : Ticket Price - $60 paid in advance (to purchase click button below):

Both Days : Ticket Price - $100 paid in advance (to purchase click button below):



1. As our shop is only able to handle one currency, all transactions are made in US dollars and then automatically converted to your local currency.

2. In the event that any tickets remain unsold these will be made available for payment at the door on each day. 

What Previous Luke Holloway Seminar Attendees say:

"I decided to attend a seminar that a mutual friend put together in The O2 in London to give it a try. I FUCKIN LOVED it!!"

- London Seminar Participant


"The seminar had me hooked. I would recommend RCI to anyone who wants to learn something WORTH knowing that can be applied to every day life skills whether it be in your work environment or social circles or simply anyone who wants to boost their confidence and be a badass zombie killer!! KEEP IT RAW”

- London Seminar Participant

"RCI’s no bullshit approach has introduced me to a wide array of tools and techniques. What’s more, the team are knowledgeable, approachable and dedicated to continuing their combat education. "

- Baltimore Seminar Participant


"Raw Combat taught me that it shouldn't take you long to become proficient at defending your self. The way Luke teaches the principles and the structure that he has devised make sense to me and I recommend Raw Combat because, unlike other styles that just take your money and teach you nothing that will help you in the real world, Raw Combat is no smoke and mirrors. It's Direct, Realistic and Effective.”

- Dublin Seminar Participant


"I have taken part in a few one day seminars with Luke Holloway on self-protection and Raw Silat. I have found the training to be extremely well put together. I highly recommend these courses to anybody, with a fighting/martial arts background, but more importantly to anyone without the years of training under their belt for a no-nonsense approach to protecting yourself and loved ones in today’s ever increasingly violent society.”

- Sydney Seminar Participant


"Luke Holloway is amongst the best when it comes to personal protection. Luke makes you feel welcomed and wanted. His style and the way he teaches makes it easy to learn. Not only that but the material covered is much different then that your going to find and face in a class/Dojo. I highly recommend taking this course."

- Baltimore Seminar Participant

Book your tickets now for either day or for the entire two day event:

DEC 1st & 2nd 2018

SUN DEC 2nd 2018

SAT DEC 1st 2018

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